First digital painting of 2017 :)


circlesI feel a series of similar paints coming along. 🙂


Art Times.


Continuing this increase in productivity I have gone around the house and collected and scanned in the art that I’ve done in since that start of 2017 which can now all be viewed on my little art website.

I am now going to try and make the computer use my wacom tablet so I can do some digital art this year. Wish me luck >.<

There is uni stuff I should probably be doing, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t done art stuff for almost a month, so I’m taking the day.

Super Organised & Productive.


So I have done what I hoped to do, which is turn my anxieties into productive energies, and I am on fire if I may say so myself.

Have re-connected with the to-do app Wunderlist. Bloody life-saver. I forgot that the best way to make me do something is to put it on a To-Do list. There’s something about ticking it off that’s reward enough to motivate me to do it. I can literally list all the steps required to be my ‘ideal self’ and that simple act increases the likelihood that I will do these acts by at least 200%.

I strongly recommend organizing your to-do lists into core values so you can check that you are not focusing all energy in one area whilst ignoring other important ones. Its really easy to loose perspective and even forget what is important to you.

Thanks to my lists, I handed in three university assignments yesterday and blitzed the house (including doing the things I usually put off like changing the bedsheets and taking out the rubbish). Today I have created a website to showcase my art . This in itself spurred three further future projects; online print store, online drawing courses & online lifestyle courses.

I love it. It is like a snowball effect; the more I do the more I want to do.

^Above image is one of my first ventures into digital art last year. More should follow.